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The orchard walls are high and hard to climb, And the place death, considering who thou art, If any kinsmen find thee here. Stay but a little I will come again.

Answers: 2. Language Mind the Gap study guidefor the play Romeo and Juliet by William types of questions learners can expect to be asked in anexam.

Craig Armstrong - Balcony Scene (romeo & Juliet)

Having left the feast, Romeo decides that he cannot go home. He must instead try to find Juliet. He climbs a wall bordering the Capulet property and leaps down into the Capulet orchard. Benvolio and Mercutio enter, calling out for Romeo. They are sure he is nearby, but Romeo does not answer.

Scene II. Capulet's Garden. He jests at scars that never felt a wound. It is the east and Juliet is the sun! Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who.

Romeo and Juliet

But it is largely Juliet who makes the play come alive. Although the plot describes her as absurdly young, her passion is expressed with a fine intelligence and wit which makes her irresistible. This most famous of all love scenes shows Romeo at first lusting after the young girl he has just met at the masked ball where he has gone in disguise because his family is feuding with hers ; but she manages eventually to steer his thoughts toward marriage. What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!

It is the east, and Juliet is the sun rising! Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon. It is my lady, O, it is my love. She speaks to the fairest stars in all the heaven. Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene - edited.

Act 2, Scene 2 · Year Published: · Language: English · Country of Origin: United States of America · Source: Shakespeare, W. Romeo and Juliet New York:​.

Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare. Act 1, Scene 3

A room in Capulet's house. Enter and , where's my daughter? Now, by my maidenhead, at twelve year old, I bade her come. What, lamb!

She thinks a name is simply a word, and it would be easy for Romeo to take a new name, and therefore not be forbidden to her. Romeo reveals himself, agreeing to forsake the name Romeo if he can have her love. After much discussion, the two swear their love for each other and agree to be married.

Romeo and Juliet

Вобрав голову в плечи, он ударил убийцу всем телом, отшвырнув его на раковину. Со звоном разбилось и покрылось трещинами зеркало. Пистолет упал на пол. Оба противника оказались на полу. Беккеру удалось оторваться от убийцы, и он рванулся к двери.

Но Сьюзан не желала иметь с ним никакого дела. И, что, на взгляд Хейла, было еще хуже, влюбилась в университетского профессора, который к тому же зарабатывал сущие гроши. Очень жаль, если она истратит свой превосходный генетический заряд, произведя потомство от этого выродка, - а ведь могла бы предпочесть его, Грега. У нас были бы красивые дети, - подумал. - Чем ты занята? - спросил Хейл, пробуя иной подход.

Четвертая попытка тоже не дала результата. - Пока не везет.  - Она вздохнула.

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