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I teach students for B.

About Blog Location. In dynamic routing, failure of link does not interrupt the rerouting. Static Routing: This is also known as static routing as route to be taken is computed in advance and downloaded to routers when router is booted.

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Its programs of civil engineering includes research in the interdiscipline of earthquake studies , started after the massive earthquake jolted the country in In , an engineering college was set up as a constituent college of the University of Peshawar with an enrollment of twenty students according to the UET Peshawar Annual Report — This college was granted a charter to operate as an independent engineering university in under the name University of Engineering and Technology. UET Peshawar has five campuses. Peshawar campus is the main campus with four satellite campuses in Kohat , Abbottabad , Bannu and Jalozai. The Peshawar campus is the nucleus of the University. The following programs are offered in the Peshawar campus.

This section contains Sample Papers, distributed by the National Testing Service NTS for standardized examinations, university entrance tests, recruitment tests for jobs and tests conducted for scholarships. The sample papers for admissions generally include English Verbal , Mathematics Quantitative , Analytical and Subject questions, depending on the syllabus and content weightages issued by NTS for the exam. Most of the sample papers consist of multiple choice questions MCQs. The answer key is available on the last page of each sample paper. Please note that worked solutions or explanations are not provided in the sample papers. The PDF version can downloaded using the Download link.

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This is also known as static routing as route to be taken is computed in advance and downloaded to routers when router is booted. Static routing provides high or more security. In dynamic routing, additional resources are required. A Dynamic Source Routing network can configure and organize itself independently of oversight by human administrators. It provides easy routing based on query params, URL, path. Definition of Routing Algorithm in Network Encyclopedia..

Wireless and Mobile Communications. 3 Telecommunication systems. 3 Elective subjects (6 credit hours in semester 7 and 6 credit hours in semester 8).

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T Islamabad. Peer-to-Peer Networks. Electrical and electronic systems are ubiquitous in modern society. Electrical engineers specializing in various fields have transformed the 21st century with technologies such as electric power systems, television, wireless radio, cellphones, and medical imaging to name just a few.

ACADEMIC STRENGTHS Studied following major courses :Programming for Engineers ,Basic electrical engineering ,Computer logic design, circuit analysis ,Data structures and algorithms , Electronics ,Signal and systems ,Operating systems ,analogue communication ,feedback control systems ,Microprocessor and interfacing ,digital communication ,digital signal processing ,wireless and mobile communication ,Fiber optics ,Wave propagation and antenna theory, satellite communication ,telecom transmission and switching systems. Academic projects. In this project user can dial the specific number from any land line or mobile phone to cast his vote.

The BS Computer Science program is an important degree program at the campus.

To study the applications of Op-amp. Linear IC Ans : 2. Linear Integrated Circuits Notes Author: soviet-steel.

Course Contents , Text Book ,. Lab Manual , Lecture 1 , Lecture 2 , Lecture 3 , outline , lecture 4 , Lecture 5 , lecture 6 , lecture 7 , lecture 8 , lecture no 9 ,. Lecture 02 , Lecture 03 , Lecture 01 , Lecture 04 , Lecture 05 ,. Course Notes ,.

Minimum 5 years' of post basic qualification experience as on See full list on study-ccna.

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