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This is achieved by offering a balanced combination of technical and non-technical contents coupled with appropriate assessment and evaluation methods. This has a well-defined core of essential subjects supported by requisite compulsory as well as elective courses. It also invokes awareness and comprehension of societal problems amongst the students and motivating them to seek solutions for improving the quality of life.

NanoTechnology,BioTechnology,MEMS,Genetics - e-book cenrter

This is achieved by offering a balanced combination of technical and non-technical contents coupled with appropriate assessment and evaluation methods. This has a well-defined core of essential subjects supported by requisite compulsory as well as elective courses. It also invokes awareness and comprehension of societal problems amongst the students and motivating them to seek solutions for improving the quality of life.

The hallmark of a curriculum is to infuse original thinking, resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirits among students. This program is embodying foundation courses as well as the general and specialized professional content of adequate Breadth and Depth, including appropriate Humanities and Science components. The program scheme is designed to ensure acquisition of knowledge and skills, encouraging necessary exposure to inter- disciplinary areas.

The contents of each constituent courses of the curriculum has been updated to absorb recent technological and knowledge developments as per international practices and to meet the national needs.

Efforts are also made that there should also be an effective relationship between the curricular content and practice in the field of specialization. Complex engineering problems which are not easily quantifiable, e. Internal reviews of quality assurance procedures should be carried out periodically. Experts from academia and industry participated in this meeting.

HEC representation was ensured by Dr. The list of the participants is as below:. Tariq M. Khan, KPK. Hafiz M. University Road, Karachi. The meeting started with recitation from the Holy Quran by the Prof. Muhammad Riaz Mughal. All the participants introduced themselves highlighting their qualification, experience and area of expertise.

Keeping with the tradition, Dr. In second session, Dr. He also shared a template for. The template was unanimously accepted to be followed. It was also agreed to add preamble, programme objectives, programme learning outcomes, teaching methodology and assessment segments in the curricula.

He informed the participants that key objective of previous NCRC was to devise a curriculum that provides a unified framework guidelines to institutions offering degrees under the title of Electrical Engineering or under the title of the defined four variants. Tayab Din Memon, Secretary also briefed the participants.

The house unanimously agreed to pursue the same track for development of Curriculum in field of Electrical Engineering. The house also agreed to devise mechanism for offering a generalized degree in the field of Electrical Engineering as a separate model in addition to existing models for offering degree in Electrical Engineering with any of the specialization streams.

In next session, the house openly discussed the nomenclature of the discipline, preface, objectives of the programmes, suggested programme learning outcomes PLOs , methods of instruction and learning environment, assessment and operational framework.

After long deliberation, the committee finalized the curriculum framework, the duration of the programme, number of semesters, number of weeks per semester, total number of credit hours, weightage of engineering and non- engineering courses and weightage of theory and practical of undergraduate 4-years programme for Electrical Engineering.

After that the list of courses was distributed among the relevant groups composed of following committee members keeping in view the experience and expertise in the field for reviewing course objectives, adding course learning outcomes, updating list of contents,.

Zubair Ahmed Co-Convener Dr. Tayab Din Memon Secretary. Dr Noor Muhammad Khan 1. Dr Ghazanfar 2. Dr Touseef Touqeer 3. Dr Azhar Naeem 3. Dr Hafiz Waseem 4. Dr Faisal Khan 4. Dr Rizwan Mughal 5. Dr Ali Nasir 5. Dr Muhammad Amjad 6. Dr Muhammad Rizwan 7. Tayab Din Memon. Dr Faizullah Khan 1. Dr Moazam Maqsood 2. Dr Sarwar Ehsan 3. Dr Sarmadullah Khan 3. Dr Muhammad Zubair 4. Dr Muhmmad Hanif 4. Dr Aamir Hanif 5. Dr Imranullah Khan 5. Usman Zabit 6. Dr Muhammad Imran Aslam 6. Farhat Kaleem 7.

Dr Ahmed Pasha. Dr Iftikhar Ahmad Khan 1. Tariq Jadoon 2. Ali Asghar Memon 3. Dr Qadeer ul Hassan 3. Dr Muhammad Ali 4. Dr Mohammad Riaz Moghal 4. Dr Mukhtiar Ahmed 5. Dr Madad Ali Shah 5. Dr Aslam Pervaiz 6. Dr Abdul Fatah Chandio 6. Dr Faheem Akhtar 7. Dr Imtiaz Taj 7. Dr Muhammad Mohsin 8. Dr Ashiq Hussain 8. Dr Naseemullah 9. Dr Azzam ul Asar 9.

Dr Naeem Iqbal Dr Amjad Ali Dr Muhammad Amir. Muhammad Zubair Ahmad, Co-Convener, briefed each group about relevant tasks to be completed. On the second day, short presentation related to task assigned to the groups, were presented by relevant group conveners in the light of feedback received on first day.

Imtiaz Taj presented the sample plan for mapping courses to PLOs and introduced the concepts of assigning taxonomy levels for various course learning outcomes in the form of examples. After through deliberation, draft curriculum of the undergraduate 4-years programme for Electrical Engineering was finalized. In the evening session, the courses of postgraduate programme were distributed among the members, who were well versed and involved in this programme.

Tayab Din Memon, Secretary, coordinated the functions of each group. On the third day, group conveners briefed the house about progress made by each focus group. The courses of postgraduate programme of Electrical Engineering were reviewed and it was decided that outlines of each postgraduate field of specialization will also be developed in due course of time.

In the end, Dr. Idrees thanked the Convener, Co-convener and Secretary and all members of the Committee for sparing their time and for their contribution to prepare the revised draft of the curriculum. He further stated that their efforts will go a long way in developing workable, useful and market oriented comprehensive degree programmes in Electrical Engineering.

The committee highly appreciated the efforts made by the officials of HEC Regional Centre, Peshawar for making arrangements to facilitate the committee and their accommodation.

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks to HEC and Dr. Muhammad Idrees and his team from HEC for providing this academic and professional opportunity for national cause. Experts from academia and industry participated in the meeting. Following members participated in the preliminary meeting but could not attend final meeting owing to preoccupations. To finalize the Electrical Engineering curriculum preliminary draft for Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs according to indigenous needs and to bring it at par with international standards on Outcomes Based Education OBE.

To finalize vision, mission, preface and rationale of the subject curriculum. The meeting started with recitation from the Holy Quran. He also emphasized to follow template for finalizing the courses according to paradigm shift of Outcome Based Education OBE. He shared the comments and feedback received from foreign experts in the relevant fields. House openly discussed the revised objectives of the program with specific emphasis on outcome based education in line with global standards.

In the afternoon session, each committee was given task list and briefed about it by Dr.

Nanoscale materials 1st edition

The College has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information contained within this publication is accurate and up-to-date when published but can accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions. The College reserves the right to revise, alter or discontinue degree programmes or modules and to amend regulations and procedures at any time, but every effort will be made to notify interested parties. It should be noted that not every module listed in this handbook may be available every year, and changes may be made to the details of the modules. The University offers an enviable range of facilities and resources to enable you to pursue your chosen course of study whilst enjoying university life. In particular, the College of Engineering offers you an environment where you can develop and extend your knowledge, skills and abilities. The College has excellent facilities, offering extensive laboratory, workshop and IT equipment and support.

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Electrical Engineering

He has published more than papers in refereed journals, co-edited the textbook Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology Springer, A class in nanoscale science and technology is daunting for the educator, who must organize a large Massimiliano Ventra,Stephane Evoy,James R. Di Ventra. Single Electron Transistors; J.

Koo, Louis A. Pilato Gregory M. Phillips, Erik Saether, Edward H. Kelkar Mannur Sundaresan M. Buongiorno Nardelli, S.

Nanoscale materials 1st edition

Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology (Nanostructure Science and Technology)

Published June 30, by Springer. Written in English. Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Nanotechnology. An introduction to nanoscience and nanotechnology. From the reviews:"This textbook is an excellent resource that allows students from any engineering background to quickly understand the foundations and exciting advances in the field. Book Condition: New.

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We introduce nanotechnology into our VLSI curricula, and teach the in Diamond Shamrock's research division for 3 years before joining [12] M.D. Ventra, S. Evoy, and J.R. Heflin, Introduction To Nanoscale Science and Technology, 1st. edition, June 30, , Springer, ISBN ; ISBN-​

Manual Soluc-Nanoengin of Struct Funct and Smart Materials

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