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In biology , a gene from Greek , meaning generation [1] is a basic unit of heredity and a sequence of nucleotides in DNA or RNA that encodes the synthesis of a gene product , either RNA or protein. The RNA can be directly functional or be the intermediate template for a protein that performs a function. The transmission of genes to an organism's offspring is the basis of the inheritance of phenotypic traits.

Class 10 Science Chapter 9 introduces the concepts of evolution, genetics, and heredity. Human beings are quite diverse. In this chapter, we shall study the causes of this variation.

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The PDF consists of easy to understand answers that are solved with relevant diagrams and appropriate explanations. The use and implementation of charts and tables, along with easy to understand language makes the subject easily approachable. Students opting to download NCERT Solutions for class 12 biology chapter 5 will find it as a big help, particularly those who are struggling with biology preparation. Also, students wanting to review their answers with a quick revision will find these solutions helpful. The answers written are not lengthy but are short and precise. Students will also learn to determine the number of gametes for a diploid organism, depending on whether it is homozygous or heterozygous. Along with that, test cross, and monohybrid cross, are also discussed in detail in this chapter.

Geneticists use maps to describe the location of a particular gene on a chromosome. The cytogenetic location is based on a distinctive pattern of bands created when chromosomes are stained with certain chemicals. Another type of map uses the molecular location, a precise description of a gene's position on a chromosome. The molecular location is based on the sequence of DNA building blocks base pairs that make up the chromosome. Geneticists use a standardized way of describing a gene's cytogenetic location.

Trait B is likely to have arisen earlier as it occurs in more number. How does the creation of variations in a species promote survival? Variations increases the adaptability of an organism to its changing environmental conditions. Mendel took pea plants of two different thuacters i. The first generation of F1 progeny formed were all tall. This shows that traits may be either dominant or recessive, there is no way in between traits obtained. When Mendel crossed pure bred tall pea plants with pure bred short pea plants, he found that only tall plants were produced in F 1 generation.

How do geneticists indicate the location of a gene?

Question 2: Mendel conducted his experiments on which of the following? Question 4: The green colour of pea pod is which type of character? Question 6: Mendel selected how many inheritable pairs of traits for his experiments? Question 8: What will be the ratio of progenies after crossing Tt x tt? Question How many genotypes are formed in F2 generation after monohybrid cross?

detailed knowledge of how human genes are organized and how they gln (Q) glutamine ser (S) serine glu (E) glutamic acid thr (T) threonine gly (G) glycine.

How do geneticists indicate the location of a gene?

Mention the advantages of selecting pea plant for experiment by Mendel Ans: Mendel select garden pea Pisum Sativum for the following reasons. Differentiate between the following — a Dominance and Recessive b Homozygous and Heterozygous c Monohybrid and Dihybrid. A diploid organism is heterozygous for 4 loci, how many types of gametes can be produced? Ans: For a diploid organism, which is heterozygous for 4 loci, then 2 4 i. So, for 4 pair the number of combination will be 16 gametes.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Like many scientists before him, Burt wondered if the molecular mechanisms that enable selfish genetic elements to spread through a population could be harnessed to eliminate undesirable genetic traits, like the ability of some mosquitoes to carry disease-causing parasites and viruses. Scientists have known about selfish genetic elements since the late s Burt and Trivers, However, the idea to use selfish genetic elements as means to control natural populations did not surface until the midth century.

Practice Quiz for Mendel's Genetics. Which of the following statements is true about Mendel? Mendel believed that the characteristics of pea plants are determined by the: a inheritance of units or factors from both parents b inheritance of units or factors from one parent c relative health of the parent plants at the time of pollination 4.

RBSE Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 3 Genetics

Question 1. Answer: Trait B, because it is present in more members of the population.

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RBSE Solutions for Class 10 Science Chapter 3 Genetics

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