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Motor imagery is a mental process by which an individual rehearses or simulates a given action. It is widely used in sport training as mental practice of action , neurological rehabilitation , and has also been employed as a research paradigm in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive psychology to investigate the content and the structure of covert processes i. Motor imagery can be defined as a dynamic state during which an individual mentally simulates a physical action. This type of phenomenal experience implies that the subject feels themselves performing the action. Mental practice refers to use of visuo-motor imagery with the purpose of improving motor behavior.


Group members remain committed to their individual preferences and are unable to disconfirm their initial suboptimal selection decisions, even when presented with full information enabling them to correct them, and even if the accompanying group processes are perfectly conducted. This paper examines whether a mental simulation can overcome the IPE. Two experimental studies examine the effect of a mental simulation intervention in attenuating the IPE and improving decision quality in an online individual hidden profile task. Individuals undertaking a mental simulation achieved higher decision quality than those in a control condition and experienced a greater reduction in confidence in the suboptimal solution. Results suggest a role for mental simulation in overcoming the IPE.

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The Psychology of Food Choice: Anticipation and Mental Simulation

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To imagine is to represent without aiming at things as they actually, presently, and subjectively are. Unlike perceiving and believing, imagining something does not require one to consider that something to be the case.

The happiness of the fish: Evidence for a common theory of one's own and others' actions

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We argue that the primary function of mental imagery is to allow us to generate specific predictions based upon past experience. Imagery is also characterized by its reliance on perceptual representations and activation of perceptual brain systems. This type of simulation, which we label emulation, has benefits over other types of simulations that merely mimic the content of the simulated scenario. For cognitive scientists, the term mental imagery typically first brings to mind either the protracted debate over the nature of the representations used in imagery or the role of imagery as a mnemonic see Paivio , ; Kosslyn et al. However, research on this topic has often been hobbled by a key problem, namely the sparse stimuli and artificial tasks that imagery researchers contrive for their experiments e. The minimalist character of the sorts of imagery evoked in most laboratory studies may obscure the vivid, rich character of everyday imagery.

This Handbook provides a novel and stimulating integration of work on imagination and mental simulation from a variety of perspectives. It is the first Chapter 3: Mental Imagery and Implicit Memory · Download PDF. Chapter 4: “​Thou Shalt.

In press. De Brigard, F. Fiona Macpherson and Fabian Dorsch Eds. Oxford University Press, Times imagined and remembered.

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