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Lactic Acid Bacteria pp Cite as.

Lactic acid is an organic acid. It is white in the solid state and it is miscible with water.

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Lactic acid

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NCBI Bookshelf. Lactic acid bacteria perform an essential role in the preservation and production of wholesome foods. The lactic acid fermentations are generally inexpensive, and often little or no heat is required in their preparation, making them fuel efficient as well. Foods fermented with lactic acid play an important role in feeding the world's population on every continent. Lactic acid bacteria are generally fastidious on artificial media, but they grow readily in most food substrates and lower the pH rapidly to a point where competing organisms are no longer able to grow.

Parmjit S. Kennedy II ; Charles J. Fermentations were performed without any pH control. The optimization of the fermentation conditions resulted in significant decrease in fermentation time, besides increase in lactose conversion to lactic acid. The optimized process conditions resulted in high lactose conversion

Biotechnological Production of Lactic Acid and Its Recent Applications

Optically pure lactic acid LA is an important chemical platform that has a wide range of industrial and biotechnological applications. Improved parameters for cost effective LA production are of great interest for industrial developments. In the present study, an alkaliphilic lactic acid bacterium, BoM , was selected among newly obtained bacterial isolates. Efficient polymer-grade L -lactic acid production was achieved at pH 9. The highest lactic acid concentration of

Fermentation Processes for the Production of Lactic Acid

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    The production of biodegradable polymers as alternatives to petroleum-based plastics has gained significant attention in the past years.

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    recent advances in the biotechnological production of. lactic acid, as well as its recent applications and the fu-. ture prospects of biologically-derived lactic acid.

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