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In this article we review the framework proposed in by Atkinson and Shiffrin. We discuss the prior context that led to its production, including the advent of cognitive and mathematical modeling, its principal concepts, the subsequent refinements and elaborations that followed, and the way that the framework influenced other researchers to test the ideas and, in some cases, propose alternatives.

Short-term memory as a working memory control process

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Atkinson and R. Atkinson , R. Shiffrin Published in Psychology of Learning and…. Publisher Summary This chapter presents a general theoretical framework of human memory and describes the results of a number of experiments designed to test specific models that can be derived from the overall theory.

This general theoretical framework categorizes the memory system along two major dimensions. The first categorization distinguishes permanent, structural features of the system from control processes that can be readily modified or reprogrammed at the will of the subject. View via Publisher. Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed. Share This Paper. Background Citations. Methods Citations. Results Citations. Figures, Tables, and Topics from this paper.

Figures and Tables. Citation Type. Has PDF. Publication Type. More Filters. Research Feed. Structures, Processes, and the Flow of Information. Functional aspects of information processing in human memory. View 3 excerpts, cites background. Working Memory: An Overview. Search and retrieval processes in long-term memory.

Human Memory and the New Science of Learning. Highly Influenced. View 5 excerpts, cites background, methods and results.

Implications of short-term memory for a general theory of memory. Successive approximations to a model for short term memory.

Short-Term Memory and Incidental Learning. Effects of list length on short-term memory. A Model for Visual Memory Tasks1. Recall as a search process. Temporal and interactional effects in short-term storage.

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50 years of research sparked by Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968)

About the distinction between working memory and short-term memory. Psychology Aben et al. Whereas I agree that neuroscientists using the term WM to refer to sustained neural activation and cognitive psychologists using the terms interchangeably reflects that the field has lost control over its own dictionary, the recommendations to develop more tasks does not seem to get to the heart of the matter. Here, I argue in favor of a theoretical approach to the constructs of WM and STM, as the terms have become as impure as the tasks that purport to measure the constructs.

a similar experiment that Milner () carried out on her patients. Stimuli that subjects, can be found in Brelsford, Shiffrin, and Atkinson (). The model for.

50 years of research sparked by Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968)

Contextual variability and serial position effects in free. Nov 29, please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from wikipedia or other free sources online. Why the atkinson shiffrin model was wrong from the beginning. Pdf 50 years of research sparked by atkinson and shiffrin The atkinsonshiffrin model, a standard model of short term memory cited over three thousand times, mimics the characteristic shape of the free recall curves from murdock

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Am J Occup Ther ;49 7 — However, research to date has been unable to indicate that short-term memory declines with age. These findings have led some rehabilitation professionals to mistakenly conclude that short-term memory is not affected by the aging process. The implications of the concept of working memory has implications for occupational therapy interventions for older adults.

Multi-Store Model of Memory

By Saul McLeod , updated The multi-store model of memory also known as the modal model was proposed by Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin and is a structural model. They proposed that memory consisted of three stores: a sensory register, short-term memory STM and long-term memory LTM. Each store is a unitary structure and has its own characteristics in terms of encoding, capacity and duration. Encoding is the way information is changed so that it can be stored in the memory.

Memory is an information processing system; therefore, we often compare it to a computer. Memory is the set of processes used to encode, store, and retrieve information over different periods of time. Encoding involves the input of information into the memory system.

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Short-term memory as a working memory control process

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    The Atkinson—Shiffrin model also known as the multi-store model or modal model is a model of memory proposed in by Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin.

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