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We get this question fairly often. But generally, they are very different. And those cables use the standard DB9 or M12 connectors. And the slaves can be a wide array of devices: drives, motors, IOs, sensors, field devices, robots, actuators, and more. This approach saves costs by the omission of additional hardware and cabling. Also, it saves engineering time as it streamlines network installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. When installing a PROFIBUS network, users link each device to the next in a process commonly referred to as daisy-chaining, resulting in a line topology.

Also, they can employ star or tree topologies for more advanced configurations, although this is less common. There is a variety of topology options: line, star, tree, and ring.

You can utilize standard Ethernet switches to implement flexible topology options cost-effectively. The only requirement for switches is Mbps, full-duplex. The telegram size can be up to bytes, and the address space is limited to devices per network. The telegram size can be up to bytes, and there are no limits on the address space.

Although the specification does not limit the address space, individual controllers will have restrictions based on their processor and memory. The move from RS to Ethernet is a move to more modern technology. The move to an Ethernet base provides for higher bandwidth, larger message size, and unlimited address space.

In a master-slave interaction, the master has unidirectional control over all its slave devices and processes. The controller will always be the master, and the IO devices will always be slaves.

The consumer provider model is more flexible. The controller provides output data to the configured IO devices in its role as provider and is the consumer of input data from IO devices.

The IO device is the provider of input data and the consumer of output data. Proxies are like gateways in that they translate one network to another, but unlike gateways, they are defined in an open standard. They are both suitable to fulfill complex automation requirements in discrete, process, hybrid, and motion control applications.

When should you use one versus the other? If you would like to expand more on this content, we have created a document for you. June 10, Carl Henning. Share

PROFIBUS PA vs PROFIBUS DP network communication protocol comparison

The history of PROFIBUS goes back to a publicly promoted plan for an association which started in Germany in and for which 21 companies and institutes devised a master project plan called " fieldbus ". The goal was to implement and spread the use of a bit-serial field bus based on the basic requirements of the field device interfaces. For this purpose, member companies agreed to support a common technical concept for production i. First, the complex communication protocol Profibus FMS Field bus Message Specification , which was tailored for demanding communication tasks, was specified. The security layer FDL Field bus Data Link works with a hybrid access method that combines token passing with a master-slave method. Each byte is secured with an even parity and transferred asynchronously with a start and stop bit. There may not be a pause between a stop bit and the following start bit when the bytes of a telegram are transmitted.

What is the difference between Profibus and Profinet? Profibus and Profinet are industrial communications protocols used extensively by Siemens control systems. Profibus and Profinet are very different protocols that use different cables and connectors. With over 50 million devices installed by the end of , it is a well established technology used in many different control applications. A Profibus connection port may look very familiar to you; It looks just like a standard DB-9 serial connector.

This optimizes knowledge as well as spare parts, and everything can be equipped with a 1-type control system. This will only grow in the coming years because a fully accepted Ethernet and wireless solution has yet to be implemented. The coupler translates the DP telegrams that come from the master to PA telegrams data and power supply on the same two wires. The translations are electrical, because the protocol remains intact. Due to the low transmission speeds of

Thinking about installing PROFIBUS PA or a PROFIBUS DP? Here's what you need to know about the difference between them and when to.


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One thing remains the same, though. Their effort created an automation solution that is not only still viable today, but has led to further solutions. In , 21 companies and institutions in Germany joined forces to create a new protocol.

We get this question fairly often. But generally, they are very different. And those cables use the standard DB9 or M12 connectors. And the slaves can be a wide array of devices: drives, motors, IOs, sensors, field devices, robots, actuators, and more.

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