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The Preliminary Examination will consist of two papers of Objective type multiple choice questions and carry a maximum of marks in various subjects. This examination is meant to serve as a screening test only: the marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination by the candidates who are declared qualified for admission to the Main Examination will not be counted in determining their final order of merit. The number of candidates to be admitted to the Main Examination will be about twelve to thirteen times the total approximate number of vacancies to be filled in the year through this examination.

Syllabus for individual subjects in IAS mains including optional subjects is provided on the corresponding links below. Scroll down to refer or download the same.

The Civil Services Mains examination aims to test the academic talent and the ability of the candidate to present the answers in a clear and coherent manner. The Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and understanding of the concepts rather than merely to check their information and memory. If you are looking for prelims exam syllabus Click here - Upsc Prelims Syllabus.

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Syllabus for individual subjects in IAS mains including optional subjects is provided on the corresponding links below. Scroll down to refer or download the same. The questions will be of multiple-choice, objective type. The marks in prelims will not be counted for final ranking, but just for qualification for the main exam. Take a Free Test. This objective paper is for a duration of two hours.

There will be questions. Marks of only this paper is counted to decide the toppers of the preliminary exam. The syllabus of GS Paper 1 is given below. There will be 80 questions. Marks of this paper is counted to decide the toppers of the preliminary exam. This paper is only qualifying in nature. Update from ClearIAS: Only when tested in an exam atmosphere with negative marking, you can improve the ability to deliver in the actual exam hall.

The main exam has marks while interview has marks. The written examination main will consist of the following nine papers, but only 7 papers will be counted for final merit ranking. For the rest two papers, the candidate should secure minimum marks prescribed by UPSC each year. In Essay Paper , candidates may be required to write essays on multiple topics. They will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in an orderly fashion and to write concisely.

Credit will be given for effective and exact expression. The detailed syllabus is given below:. Join for FREE. Detailed syllabus as provided by UPSC is as below:. Questions may utilise the case study approach to determine these aspects.

The following broad areas will be covered:. One of the Indian Languages to be selected by the candidate from the Languages included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution.

List of essential books for IAS preparation is compiled in this website, taking inputs from many toppers. Sir,whether we have to choose one or two optional subjects from the list. Optional Subject is 1. But it includes Paper 1 and Paper 2, both having separate syllabus.

For ex, Public Administration has Paper 1 and Paper 2, having weight-age of marks each. Sir I have a question could u plzz tell me if once prelims is completed but dropped in mains would this prelims be considered for next mains examination of not. I ask this to see whether are you fit to Teach me.

The real purpose itself lies in the full form of UPSC. You just have to explore yourself with full of confidence towards the nation and mankind too. All the best. Maths is not compulsary for attempting UPSC exam. I am software engineer… I cant find any computer science engineering syllabus…. Can I apply for for IAS exam? IAS exam is one of non specialised, ineffective, foolish exam. They are bunch of people who have no specialisation only have wikipedia like information in brain.

They are bunch of unproductive, non innovative moron. Sir i m of class11th and i want to prepare for upsc.. Hey I m in class 12 and know syllabus very well but I need someone to prepare with me can u please. Dear Sir, With reference to the Paper-A, where a candidate has to choose a language it is not made compulsory for candidates hailing from the States of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim.

What I understood is that it has been introduced in order to enable candidates from diverse background with different mother-tongue to be able to write in a language of their choice as their mother tongue is not there in the list.

My question here is why is Tripura and Assam not included in the list in spite of being a north-eastern states. The indigeneous people of Tripura commonly called as Tripuris also have a different mother-tongue, not mentioned in the list.

It is a huge disadvantage for us as we have to choose from the list whereas candidates from other north-eastern states are not made compulsory. The population of Bangladeshi immigrants to Tripuris in the state of Tripura is 7 :3 which signifies that Bangladeshi immigrants are more in numbers with respect to the indigenous Tripuris.

Does it mean that the non Bangladeshi-Bengali speaking IAS aspirants of Tripura has to learn the other language first in order to prepare for IAS exam when we are already comfortable with English? Sir please take a look on it to make the competition even for all the citizens of our country. Or please kindly give us some direction so that our state Tripura could also be included in the non-compulsory list of states. But considering the fluent language you used above, we are sure you will pass the other compulsory language too.

You just need to secure a minimum mark in that. Dear Sir How to choose the elective subjects. Is it compulsory to choose two subjects and is order of choice of subjects will make any difference? Nothing is tough in this world. You only need to give your best into it and everything is possible. I m student of pali literature. And how to prepare for this exams? Please kindly instruct in detail. Thanks you. Sir I would like to know whether I can take English as one language paper and as optional too at same time.

Sir,I want to have information about age criteria? And also about the chances to apply for civil services exam for a general category student? I am an IAS aspirant. I still Have 2 Years to finish my degree. But I am eager for the time to come. I will start my preparation soon. Sir I left m. Sir I am studying bcom 2 year so I am thinking to start prepare for civil service exam for 2 hours for a day.

And my aim is to become IPS officer in my life. And give me the another details how to speak English fluently. I have completed my graduation in history from English medium and I am also preparing for upsc for the past 1 month. I have found some important books for prelims as well as for mains. I am sharing a list of some important books which will definitely help you. Indian polity : M. Laxmikant it is also available in hindi.

This is the Bible for polity just go through this book. Science and technology : ncert of class 10,11 and 12 also newspaper reading is essential because sometimes we get questions on new innovations and other things. Indian economy: start from ncert first and there are some good series on mrunal On Indian economy. Also if you have time you can read ramesh singh indian economy its a vast book, it will help you in mains but for prelims basic knowledge is require your bases should clear and understanding on different aspects of Indian economy.

For environment :same you can rely upon a single source and that is your ncert books and newspaper reading but if you want something extra then there is a book in market by shiv kumar on environment in hindi you can buy. My subjecta are political science and public administration I wanted to become an IAS Is my subjects are easy to clear the exam? Can u suggest me the right way to clear the exam? I want to write the upsc exam mains paper 1to7 in my own mother language. I would like to appear for upsc exams after my graduation.

Will I be eligible for the same?? I come from a middle class family and I think I cannot afford for coaching now. Can I clear it without coaching and from where must I start?? UPSC test de shkta hu ydi de shkta hu.. Yes, you can appear for upsc soon after you graduation and you should be 22 year old. An the upper age limit is 30 years.

You have plenty of time. Best of Luck. From where should I start. I am presently in class 10 and a class topper. Political science and history are my favorites. What are the best books to read at present?

UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam Syllabus

Indian Engineering Services remains the most sought-after career for the engineering graduates in India. The examination constitutes a two-stage written examination followed by an interview. ESE is considered as one of the toughest examinations in India due to fewer posts and tough competition. Owing to highly competitive selection procedure, IES officers carry high respect and status and are mandated to manage and execute activities in diverse technical and managerial fields. All these final selected candidates are designated as class-1 officers. Indian Engineering Service officers are among the top recipients of a good deal of privileges and allowances.

The Preliminary syllabus is mainly designed to assess a candidate's comprehension of current affairs and aptitude within the stipulated time. The preliminary paper is a compulsory and qualifying paper. The syllabus also focuses on testing aspirants' ability to present knowledge in a clear and coherent manner. The main examination has 9 papers and the syllabus is designed according to the subjects specified. The Preliminary and Mains syllabus is designed for the written test. Candidates, who emerge successful in the Preliminary and Main examination, can appear for the interview. The Commission has released the admit card along with exam day guidelines.

Download the upsc main syllabus pdf now! IAS exam mains UPSC exam pattern for IAS Examination explained. The IAS Mains Syllabus for UPSC exams.

UPSC Previous Papers - Vajiram and Ravi

Also simply referred to as the UPSC examination , [2] it is conducted in three phases - a preliminary examination consisting of two objective-type papers General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II also popularly known as Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT , and a main examination consisting of nine papers of conventional essay type, in which two papers are qualifying and only marks of seven are counted followed by a personality test interview. It is considered to be the most difficult competitive examination in India. A single attempt takes two complete years of preparation - one year before the prelims and one year from prelims to interview.

UPSC often repeats questions from the previous year UPSC question papers and it is advisable to solve them during your preparation. So, in this article, we are providing aspirants with the last 10 years UPSC question papers with a detailed solution in both Hindi and English language. You can download UPSC question papers pdf for practice. Download UPSC question papers pdf and solve them like the actual exam.

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In this article, you will find the IAS prelims exam syllabus and exam pattern details. Here in this section, we have provided the detailed syllabus for each subject that is needed to be covered for IAS prelims exam preparation. The History subject can be broadly classified into Ancient, Medival and Modern History based on the time period. Candidates preparing for IAS prelims exam should aware of the topics need to be covered in Ancient India. In the History subject Medival History topics are considered as least important for IAS prelims exam, but in civil services exam , questions came from Medieval syllabus.

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UPSC IAS Prelims Syllabus 2020 - Important Topics for GS Paper 1 and CSAT

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UPSC Syllabus – Civil Services Exam Prelims, Mains and Interview
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