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The past few decades have witnessed a revolution in control of dynamical systems using computation instead of pen-and-paper analysis.

By Robert F. If the control objective can be expressed as a quantitative criterion, then optimization of this criterion establishes a feasible design structure for the control logic. This book is about the theory and application of optimal control; particular attention is given to providing a rigorous yet straightforward foundation for mathematical optimization and to illustrating how practical control systems can be designed with this approach. Optimal control theory describes the application of forces to a system for the purpose of maximizing some measure of performance or minimizing a cost function.

Optimal Control and Estimation

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Skip to content. Toggle navigation. Author : A. The format is good, the presentation clear, the diagrams instructive, the examples and problems helpful References and a multiple-choice examination are included.

Stengel R.F. - Optimal Control and Estimation (1994)

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Optimal control and estimation. Another great book is "Optimal control theory: An introduction to the theory and its applications" by Peter Falb and Michael Athans, also published by Dover. Book Review. Applied optimal control and estimation by Frank L. Lewis, prentice hall and texas instruments, englewood clgjs, nj, , pp.

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