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Skip to primary navigation Skip to primary content. Work Health and Safety Regulations SLI No. The Regulations will apply to the Commonwealth, public authorities and, for a transitional period, non-Commonwealth licensees.

FL Table of contents. These Regulations implement the model Work Health and Safety Regulations in the Commonwealth jurisdiction and form part of a system of nationally harmonised occupational health and safety laws. Administered by: Attorney-General's. Chapter 1 Preliminary. Part 1.

Chapter 2 Representation and participation. Part 2. Division 1 Work groups. Division 2 Health and safety representatives. Chapter 3 General risk and workplace management. Part 3. Division 1 Information, training and instruction. Division 2 General working environment. Division 3 First aid.

Division 4 Emergency plans. Division 5 Personal protective equipment. Division 6 Remote or isolated work. Division 7 Managing risks from airborne contaminants. Division 8 Hazardous atmospheres. Division 9 Storage of flammable or combustible substances. Division 10 Falling objects. Chapter 4 Hazardous work. Part 4. Division 1 Preliminary. Division 2 Duties of designer, manufacturer, importer, supplier, installer and constructor of plant or structure.

Division 3 Duties of person conducting business or undertaking. Division 1 Licensing of high risk work. Subdivision 1 Requirement to be licensed. Subdivision 2 Licensing process. Subdivision 3 Amendment of licence document. Subdivision 4 Renewal of high risk work licence. Subdivision 5 Suspension and cancellation of high risk work licence. Division 2 General risk management. Division 3 Electrical equipment and electrical installations.

Division 4 Electrical work on energised electrical equipment. Division 6 Residual current devices. Division 7 Overhead and underground electric lines. Division 4 High risk diving work. Chapter 5 Plant and structures. Part 5. Division 2 Duties of persons conducting businesses or undertakings that design plant.

Division 3 Duties of persons conducting businesses or undertakings that manufacture plant. Division 4 Duties of persons conducting businesses or undertakings that import plant. Division 5 Duties of persons conducting businesses or undertakings that supply plant. Division 6 Duties of persons conducting businesses or undertakings that install, construct or commission plant. Division 7 General duties of persons conducting a business or undertaking involving the management or control of plant.

Subdivision 1 Management of risks. Subdivision 2 Additional control measures for general plant. Subdivision 3 Additional control measures for certain plant. Division 1 Application of Part. Division 2 Duty of persons conducting a business or undertaking who design plant to record plant design. Division 3 Duties of persons conducting a business or undertaking. Division 4 Duties of persons conducting a business or undertaking involving the management or control of plant.

Subdivision 1 Control measures for registered plant. Subdivision 2 Control measures for amusement devices. Division 1 Plant designs to be registered. Division 2 Items of plant to be registered. Division 3 Registration process for plant designs. Division 4 Registration process for an item of plant. Division 5 Changes to registration and registration documents. Chapter 6 Construction work. Part 6. Division 1 General.

Division 2 High risk construction work—safe work method statements. Division 3 Excavation work. Division 1 General construction induction training requirements.

Division 2 General construction induction training cards. Division 3 Duties of workers. Chapter 7 Hazardous chemicals. Part 7. Division 2 Obligations relating to safety data sheets and other matters. Subdivision 1 Obligations of manufacturers and importers. Subdivision 2 Obligations of suppliers. Subdivision 3 Obligations of persons conducting businesses or undertakings.

Division 3 Register and manifest of hazardous chemicals. Subdivision 1 Hazardous chemicals register. Subdivision 2 Manifest of Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals. Division 4 Placards. Subdivision 1 General obligations relating to management of risk. Subdivision 2 Spills and damage. Subdivision 3 Emergency plans and safety equipment. Subdivision 4 Storage and handling systems.

Division 6 Health monitoring. Division 7 Induction, information, training and supervision. Division 8 Prohibition, authorisation and restricted use. Division 9 Pipelines. Division 1 Lead process. Division 2 Control of risk. Division 3 Lead risk work. Division 4 Health monitoring. Chapter 8 Asbestos.

Part 8. Division 1 Health monitoring. Division 2 Training. Division 3 Control on use of certain equipment.

Occupational Health & Safety

This compliance code provides practical guidance on how to comply with your obligations under Victoria's occupational health and safety legislation to provide first aid facilities in your workplace. This compliance code has not yet been updated to reflect the changes introduced by the OHS Regulations Complying with a compliance code made in relation to the old regulations may not necessarily mean compliance with a duty under the new regulations. This compliance code has been made available solely as a source of practical guidance, to contribute to industry state of knowledge and assist those who must comply with health and safety laws. This information is particularly relevant if you are an employer. It is also relevant for health and safety representatives HSRs and employees.

Does your workplace have an elected Health and Safety Rep? See our quick guide to HSR elections here , and contact your organiser or info ieuvictas. Access the website here: www. Membership of the Independent Education Union unites thousands of colleagues in independent education workplaces throughout Victoria and Tasmania. Your IEU membership helps to protect your job, improve your wages and conditions, and ensures a better teaching and learning environment for our students. Pay and Conditions. OHS In Schools - A Practical Guide For School Leaders pdf — a handbook that details common safety issues for schools and provides simple and helpful suggestions on how to manage safety within a school setting.

Occupational Health & Safety

Skip to primary navigation Skip to primary content. Work Health and Safety Regulations SLI No. The Regulations will apply to the Commonwealth, public authorities and, for a transitional period, non-Commonwealth licensees. FL Table of contents.

This consultation is now concluded. Once reviewed and updated, following technical review and extensive stakeholder consultation, the proposed regulations and codes were made available for public comment. This includes summaries of the changes and comprehensive guides comparing the and regulations, which are available on the WorkSafe website External link. Copies of the new codes and information sheets explaining the differences between the old and new codes can be downloaded from the WorkSafe website External link.

Occupational Health & Safety

With the new OHS Regulations already in force, the compliance codes that align with the regulations are now under review. In consultation with stakeholders, WorkSafe has updated the codes, and eight proposed codes are available for public comment from Monday 1 May to Friday 9 June. Find out more about public comment on the compliance codes. Find out more about OHS Regulations reform. The new OHS Regulations are mainly the same. However, if you are in a workplace where asbestos is present; are a manufacturer or an importing supplier of hazardous substances or agricultural and veterinary chemicals; work in construction; or operate a mine or major hazard facility, you need to become aware of the changes. In most cases, compliance is required by 18 June

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Objectives 2. Authorising provisions 3. Commencement 4. Revocation of existing Regulations 5. Definitions 6.

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007

The occupational health and safety regulations specifies the ways duties imposed by the ohs act must be undertaken and prescribes. An act of parliament to provide for the safety, health and welfare of workers and all persons lawfully present at workplaces, to provide for the establishment of the national council for occupational safety and health and for connected purposes. In exercise of the powers conferred by sections 28, 30 and 65 of the workplace safety and health act, the minister for manpower hereby makes the following regulations.

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