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Metrical phonology is a theory of stress or linguistic prominence. For example, in the most common pronunciation of the phrase "doctors use penicillin" if said out-of-the-blue , the syllable '-ci-' is the strongest or most stressed syllable in the phrase, but the syllable 'doc-' is more stressed than the syllable '-tors'. Previously, generative phonologists and the American Structuralists represented prosodic prominence as a feature that applied to individual phonemes segments or syllables.

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Chapter 9 Strong and Weak Syllables. Week 8 Strong and Weak Syllables What do we mean by strong and weak? How to identify a weak syllable? Close front and close back vowels 4.

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Metrical phonology

Elements of Poetry. Readers of poetry often bring with them many related assumptions:. There are no easy ways to dispel these biases.

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    Chapter 9 Strong and Weak Syllables. Week 8 Strong and Weak Syllables What do we mean by strong and weak? How to identify.

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    Definition of syllable : a part of a word pronounced with a single uninterrupted sounding.

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    In the following words the syllables are separated by dots and the weak syllables are shown in red.

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