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This post is about the generation of amplitude modulation. Here we will see two different ways of generating Amplitude Modulation AM.

Login Now. Low level modulation: The block diagram of a low level AM transmitter is shown below. The RF crystal oscillator is most stable mechanical device suitable to generate high frequency carrier signal of particular frequency.

AM Modulator: Amplitude Modulation

This post is about the generation of amplitude modulation. Here we will see two different ways of generating Amplitude Modulation AM.

At its first input we apply the modulating signal source message signal and it's second input is supplied by the RF carrier oscillator. Since it is low level amplitude modulation therefore before applying the modulating signal to the low level AM modulator, we do not amplify it. In the same way, RF carrier is also not amplified.

Therefore you observe here that in low level AM modulation, neither the modulating signal nor the RF carrier is amplified before applying to low level AM modulator.

But when we get the amplitude modulated wave at the output of this low level AM modulator, then it is amplified by the wide band power amplifier. This wideband power amplifier amplifies the power level of the amplitude modulated wave. The wideband is used to preserve the sidebands of the amplitude modulated wave and then it is transmitted with the help of this antenna. High Level Amplitude Modulation Block Diagram The image below is the block diagram of high level amplitude modulation.

Block Diagram of High Level Amplitude Modulation The main building blocks of high level amplitude modulation include- Wideband power amplifier RF carrier oscillator Narrow band power amplifier and High level AM modulator As this is high level amplitude modulation, therefore it uses a high level AM modulator which operates at high level.

Before applying the message signal and the carrier wave to the high-level AM modulator, both of these signals are amplified. The modulating signal is power amplified by the wide band power amplifier to preserve the sidebands of the modulating signal but the RF carrier is amplified by the narrow band power amplifier as the carrier wave has fixed frequency.

Therefore narrowband power amplifier is sufficient for its amplification. Now after amplification of both the signals, they are applied to the high level AM modulator.

Then this amplitude modulated signal is transmitted by the antenna. The example of high level Amplitude Modulation is the collector modulation method. So this was all about the generation of amplitude modulation with the help of low level amplitude modulator and high level amplitude modulator. AND D. EEE 25 December at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Difference between low level and high level modulation

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Radio transmitter design

There are many ways in which amplitude modulation can be generated and a variety of circuits that can be used. In early AM transmitters the amplitude modulator circuit was a key element of the transmitter. Today with software processes and multi-mode transmitters, the amplitude modulator is likely be contained within an overall modulator circuit that is able to provide a number of different types of modulation.

Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Amplitude Modulation

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Radio transmitter design

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Change in amplitude of the carrier according to modulating signal b. Change in frequency of the carrier according to modulating signal c. Change in amplitude of the modulating signal according to carrier signal d. Change in amplitude of the carrier according to modulating signal frequency. Sensitivity b. Selectivity c.

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Anode or plate modulator

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    A radio transmitter is an electronic device which, when connected to an antenna , produces an electromagnetic signal such as in radio and television broadcasting, two way communications or radar.

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    For broadcast transmitters where very high power levels are used, class D or class E amplifiers may be employed for the audio output. Low level modulator: A low.

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    The generating circuits for AM wave are called as amplitude modulator circuits. The modulator circuits are classified into two categories: Low level modulation.

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    PDF | In an OFDM system, typical sub-carrier modulation schemes include Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK), Quadrate Phase Shift Keying.

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