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The paper proposes a methodology for reliable design and maintenance of wind turbine rotor blades using a condition monitoring approach and a damage tolerance index coupling the material and structure. By improving the understanding of material properties that control damage propagation it will be possible to combine damage tolerant structural design, monitoring systems, inspection techniques and modelling to manage the life cycle of the structures. This will allow an efficient operation of the wind turbine in terms of load alleviation, limited maintenance and repair leading to a more effective exploitation of offshore wind.

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Wind Power Generation and Wind Turbine Design by Wei Tong

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Advanced Wind Turbine Technology

Manuscript received June 11, ; final manuscript received February 12, ; published online April 15, Editor: Harrison M. Tong, W. June 1, June ; 6 : In conventional wind farm design and optimization, analytical wake models are generally used to estimate the wake-induced power losses.

Calculates the shape parameters k and scale parameters A of the Weibull distribution per direction sector. To evaluate the potential energy production of a site the observed data of a particular measurement period must be generalized to a wind speed distribution. This is commonly done by fitting the Weibull function to the data. The resulting Weibull distribution characterizes the wind regime on the site and can directly be used for the calculation of the potential energy production of a wind turbine see aep. Returns a data frame containing: k Shape parameter of the Weibull distribution for each direction sector. A scale parameter of the Weibull distribution for each direction sector. Brower, M.

Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems. Wind energy is one of the quickest growing renewable energies in the world due to era of wind energy is smooth and non-polluting; it does now not produce any byproducts dangerous to the environment. Large scale machines are in particular nicely appropriate for wind energy.

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wind power generation and wind turbine design

Abstract: Besides the wind speed, the angle of the blades in the wind turbine can affect the rotational speed of the wind turbine. In order for the blade to adjust the angle of the blade automatically, it needs to be equipped with a pendulum. The focus of this article is the design and testing of wind turbine rotational speed control using a pendulum. The pendulum is positioned at a certain radius to the turbine shaft X axis for the sensitivity of the speed sensor and at the blade edge Y axis to provide torsional force on the blade.

Wei Tong Kollmorgen Corporation, Virginia, USA.

The rising concerns over global warming, environmental pollution, and energy security have increased interest in developing renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources such as wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, hydrogen, and biomass as the replacements for fossil fuels. Wind energy can provide suitable solutions to the global climate change and energy crisis. The utilization of wind power essentially eliminates emissions of CO 2, SO2, NO x and other harmful wastes as in traditional coal-fuel power plants or radioactive wastes in nuclear power plants. By further diversifying the energy supply, wind energy dramatically reduces the dependence on fossil fuels that are subject to price and supply instability, thus strengthening global energy security. During the recent three decades, tremendous growth in wind power has been seen all over the world. In , the global annual installed wind generation capacity reached a record-breaking 37 GW, bringing the world total wind capacity to GW.

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