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Ups and Downs in Career

From relative obscurity in , K. Rao has become one of the leading Jyotish astrologers. He is the retired Director General of the Indian office of the Comptroller and Auditor General, with a life-long interest in astrology, which he learned from his mother. He calls astrology the super-science of the new age. He is a prolific writer. He believes deeply in research that brings solid results. He is unafraid of redefining ancient Vedic scriptures for modern times.

Analysis of Professions Astrologically Deepak Bisaria Kn Rao

Here are few case studies with the combinations to study ups and downs in professional life. Lagna Lord and its placement in ones horoscope decides personality , direction of mind dispositor of Lagna lord is seen for the stability of mind , intelligence and nature of the native which is the most deciding factor of ones professional life. Strong position of Lagna Lord in the chart gives abilities to fight with situation which important to sustain at the position. Sun is the king of all the planets , being karaka for the lagna , intelligence light of knowledge , power and authority and royal status plays a very imp. Leo is the Fifth house of the natural zodiac and is lorded by the sun , the kind among all the planets and known as royal sign. This sign is used to study power.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Vedic Astrology Ups Other editions. Error rating book. Ups and Downs in Career. Here are few case studies professional life.

Ups and Downs in Career: Replicable Astrological Techniques Using Transits of Saturn and Jupiter (Second ENLARGED Edition) (Vedic Astrolgoy) [K. N. Rao].

Double Transit

The ancient lore of India is unique, for many branches, its attempt was to probe the mysteries of life and death. Of its lore, the most amazing has been the science of Jyotisha, Astrology. The lore is doubtless fascinating. From very early days, I have taken interest in friends and astrologers trying their skill on the planetary chart of the heavens at the moment of my birth, for that is what a horoscope is. I have never closed my mind to the science.

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Tradition is an important ingredient of the craft of astrology. It is bolstered through research. Classical shlokas alone, in their original form are not adequate.

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