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Selected pages. June 28, Knowledge Steez Uncategorized Leave a comment. The rules under this Title are without prejudice to special provisions on damages formulated elsewhere in this Code. Actual damages may be claimed for the natural and probable consequences of the … Index.


By Milagros Santos-Ong. Published July Read Part I. Books and Other Published Legal Materials. Electronic Sources. Philippine Legal Citations. Laws and jurisprudence since the first Philippine Republic are applicable until they are repealed or superceded.

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UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS. FACULTY OF CIVIL LAW. LIST OF CASES. Torts and Damages. Our Lady of Lourdes Hosp. v. CapanzanaG.

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The trial court awarded actual and moral damages to herein respondent Salvador Begasa who suffered injuries in an accident due to the negligence of Elizalde Sablayan, the truck driver of petitioner Ernesto Syki. On June 22, , around a. While respondent was boarding the passenger jeepney his right foot already inside while his left foot still on the boarding step of the passenger jeepney , a truck driven by Elizalde Sablayan and owned by petitioner Ernesto Syki bumped the rear end of the passenger jeepney. Respondent fell and fractured his left thigh bone femur. He also suffered lacerations and abrasions in his left leg, thusas follows:.

TORTS in common law cover all wrongful Definition acts, although sometimes viewed to be limited only to a wrong independent of a contract. In common law coun- tries like the United States, torts may either be inten- tional or unintentional. They may also fall under the category of strict liability torts.


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It is interesting to note how frequently a judicial dictum of doubtful accuracy can gain for itself an unwarranted prominence in the literature of a particular subject. Because such a dictum can be frequently unhelpful or misleading in elucidating the law, one can only assume that the unwarranted prominence which the expression wins for itself, is due, not to its accuracy or perceptiveness, but rather to the colourful language or the attractive metaphor used in the expression itself. Colourful metaphor is, in such cases, preferred to clarity of thought. An instance of such a dictum is that of Lord Simonds in Read v. That such a dictum should find favour with the writers on the subject of Civil Liability for Animals is curious because it is not very helpful in elucidating the law. Animals for the purpose of this branch of law includes mammals, reptiles, birds and insects, but not human beings. True it may be that in the torts train a special compartment is reserved for animals beasts , but it would be an unwarranted assumption to suppose, as the dictum suggests, that animals are not also to be found in many other compartments on the train.

Ligon, SCRA () Aquino, pp I Sangco, pp. 2. SANGCO, CESAR J. Philippine Law on Torts and Damages, Rev.

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    TORTS AND DAMAGES By TIMOTEO B. AQUINO Professor of Law San Beda College of Law The knowledge that v one may be exposed to liability for damage may induce him to desist from (Sangco, Torts and Damages, 4th Ed., , p.

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