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At first, this can be confusing. I just want to it to tell me whether the button is being pressed.

In the embedded EveryCircuit below, the circuit on the left shows an input switch circuit without a pull-up resistor. The circuit on the right shows it with a pull-up resistor. The input switch circuit comprises the resistor and the switch.

Pull-up Resistors

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Microcontrollers and pull-up / pull-down resistors

In electronic logic circuits , a pull-up resistor or pull-down resistor is a resistor used to ensure a known state for a signal. It is typically used in combination with components such as switches and transistors , which physically interrupt the connection of subsequent components to ground or to V CC. When the switch is closed, it creates a direct connection to ground or V CC , but when the switch is open, the rest of the circuit would be left floating i. For a switch that connects to ground, a pull-up resistor ensures a well-defined voltage i. V CC , or logical high across the remainder of the circuit when the switch is open. Conversely, for a switch that connects to V CC , a pull-down resistor ensures a well-defined ground voltage i. An open switch is not equivalent to a component with infinite impedance, since in the former case, the stationary voltage in any loop in which it is involved can no longer be determined by Kirchhoff's laws.

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Well, as for any microcontroller E. Pull-up resistors are fixed value resistors used between the connection of a voltage supply and a particular pin in a digital logic circuit. More commonly paired with switches, its purpose is to ensure the voltage between Ground and Vcc is actively controlled when the switch is open. Additionally, not affecting the state of the circuit when doing so as well.

It is a passive component which provides resistance when current flow through it. There are many different types of resistors. If we consider a digital circuit , the pins are always be either 0 or 1. In some cases, we need to change the state from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0. In either case, we need to hold the digital pin either 0 and then change the state to 1 or we need to hold it 0 and then change to 1.

Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. Can some one explain this terminology please I think I understand it but not completely sure. Here, you can see that when the switch is open, in the pullup scenario the input pin will read high, but for pull down it will read low.

Understanding pull-up resistors

The main function of pull-up and pull-down resistors is that the pull up resistor pulls the signal to high state unless it is driven low; and, a pull-down resistor pulls the signal to low state unless it is driven high. The Resistor is a most commonly used component in many electronic circuits and electronic devices. The main function of the resistor is, it restricts the flow of current to other components. The resistor works on the principle of ohms law which states that dissipation due to the resistance. The unit of resistance is ohm and the symbol of ohm shows resistance in a circuit.

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These unused logic inputs can be tied together or connected to a fixed voltage, using a high value resistor to either the Vcc voltage, known as pull-up or via a low​.

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Hardware fundamentals: how pull-down and pull-up resistors work