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Introduction 1. Under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping, who had returned to the political arena after his three previous defeats, the Chinese government began to pursue an open-door policy, in which it adopted a stance to achieve economic growth through the active introduction of foreign capital and technology while maintaining its commitment to socialism.

China’s Political System: Modernization and Tradition, 9th ed.

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Her broad perspective on politics examines its connections with just about every aspect of Chinese culture from industrialization to the arts. Dreyer is careful to point out that, in dealing with a society not yet completely open, one must often speculate or make assumptions. When she does so, she is willing to admit it and give us her best opinion. Perhaps her best chapters are those on politics itself and the many changes that have taken place since the establishment of the PRC in Outstanding, too, are those chapters dealing with the political implications for education, the economy, and quality of life issues. That is not to say there is no room for improvement. So many of these are introduced in the first chapter that average students may be turned off before getting to the real substance of her work.

The PRC consists of 22 provinces excluding the claimed Taiwan Province , four municipalities , five autonomous regions and two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau with the latter operating in a separate political systems different from the PRC. Each local Bureau or office is under the coequal authority of the local leader and the leader of the corresponding office, bureau or ministry at the next higher level. People's Congress members at the county level are elected by voters. These county-level People's Congresses have the responsibility of oversight of local government and elect members to the Provincial or Municipal in the case of independent municipalities People's Congress. The President of China is the head of state , serving as the ceremonial figurehead under National People's Congress. As a one-party state , the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China holds ultimate power and authority over state and government.

China’s Political System: Modernization and Tradition, 9th ed.

Modernization theory is used to explain the process of modernization within societies. Modernization refers to a model of a progressive transition from a 'pre-modern' or ' traditional ' to a 'modern' society. Modernization theory originated from the ideas of German sociologist Max Weber — , which provided the basis for the modernization paradigm developed by Harvard sociologist Talcott Parsons — The theory looks at the internal factors of a country while assuming that with assistance, "traditional" countries can be brought to development in the same manner more developed countries have been. Modernization theory was a dominant paradigm in the social sciences in the s and s, then went into a deep eclipse. It made a comeback after but remains a controversial model.

Highly respected specialist June Teufel Dreyer offers expert analysis of the challenges facing China's economic, legal, military, social, and cultural institutions while examining the historical context and current trends. China's Political System asks readers to think about the broader problem of governance and mordernization in China and their global implications by comprehensively showing how the past and present impact leaders, citizens, ethnic minorities, and policies. In a crowded field of textbooks on Chinese politics, the two areas that distinguish the best books are comprehensiveness in terms of the coverage of important topics and material that is not only up-to-date but will not become dated quickly. Dreyer has succeeded admirably on both counts, with the high quality of the new chapter on The Era of Xi Jinping and the discussion of the results of the Nineteenth Party Congress, making this the best textbook on Chinese politics currently on the market. It is well organized and clearly written, comprehensive in scope and coverage, informed by the author's historical perspectives and policy experience, and always up-to-date.

China’s Political System: Modernization and Tradition (10th Edition)

Introduction After China's defeat in the Opium War , there was great concern about the superiority of the West and fierce debate about how to respond. In Wei Yuan , a scholar and adviser to the government, concluded that the West had beset China because of the West's more advanced military technology. He outlined a plan for maritime defense which included "building ships, making weapons, and learning the superior techniques of the barbarians. This approach came to be known as "self strengthening;" its principle goal was to maintain the strong essence of Chinese civilization while adding superior technology from abroad. Still later, scholars like Li Hongzhang in , argued that self-strengthening programs should be widened to include industrial ventures and transport facilities, focusing on increasing China's "wealth and power" by establishing profit-oriented ventures.

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This article examines the debates on political behaviour that are most visible in scholarly literature. These debates can be found throughout this book. The debates on mass belief systems and communication are first examined, followed by modernization and democratization of political culture. Political participation and the importance of public opinion are also considered. Keywords: political behaviour , mass belief systems , communication , modernization , democratization , political culture , political participation , public opinion.

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Citizens and Political Behavior

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