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Bureaucracy is a system of administration. It may refer to a government or corporate structure. This system is defined by four specific features.

It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. The Bureaucratic Leadership is the management system a couple of large corporations are using till today. If you are dealing with a highly regulated business environment, this leadership style may have a massive impact.


Bureaucracy is defined as a management approach that emphasized a structured organization in which positions and authority are defined according to formal rules. Max weber had also defined Bureaucracy an institutional method for applying general rules to specific cases thereby making the actions of Government fair and predictable. Meaning of Bureaucracy 2. Nature of Bureaucracy 3. Historical Perspective 4.

Definition : The bureaucratic management theory, introduced by Max Weber stated that to manage an organization efficiently, it is essential to have a clear line of authority along with proper rules, procedures and regulations for controlling each business operation. Bureaucracy refers to the possessing of control over a group of people or activities through knowledge, power or authority. Max Weber was a German sociologist and a political economist, and he came forward with the concept of bureaucracy in management. Thus, Weber developed the bureaucratic management theory, where he emphasized on a formal organizational structure. Ia proper hierarchy is maintained, and hence a clear set of six principles were framed. Weber gave the following six principles for managing an organization effectively and efficiently:.

One government structure that many nations adopt is bureaucracy. Although it exists, there are groups that criticize its efficacy and complexity. However, there are also those who see this as a rational and relevant way to run some government agencies. It is a form of administrative system used by both public and private institutions. Simply put, it is a government body that is composed of non-politicians but who are appointed to help in policy-making and be in charge of administrative tasks in government agencies. In government, bureaucrats implement policies, write rules and regulations and administer them on people, among others. In organizations, bureaucracy structure is divided into different levels, from frontline employees up to the upper management.

10 Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bureaucracy

It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. While the bureaucratic leadership might have a bit of a bad reputation, it is one of the oldest leadership styles in the world. The efficient, rule-based leadership framework has proven to be a smooth way to govern and to organize societies. The guide will delve into the history of bureaucratic leadership in terms of the definition of the word and the different concepts that have guided it. The term bureaucracy reveals some of the essential characteristics of the leadership model.

The bureaucratic leadership style is based on the administrative needs of an organization. Although it is most often found in the public sector, any company can implement this type of leadership style for their teams and departments. There are some unique elements which distinguish this leadership style from others that are commonly practiced. Bureaucratic leaders create a defined separation for the labor requirements which a team must complete. It is defined on a clear chain-of-command, with each leader having a defined structure for their power.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bureaucratic Organizational Structure

Bureaucracy in organizations has long been associated with clear hierarchies, a high degree of formality, a rigid division of labor and strict policies that provide consequences to those who disobey. These features tend to get a lot of criticism, but there are plenty of advantages to bureaucracy, especially when the structure is built with an emphasis on equality. Even though the bureaucratic structure has received a lot of criticism, it has some advantages. Accountability, predictability, structure and job security are just a few to mention.

During my year long leadership career, I have encountered many leadership styles. The Bureaucratic leadership style has both pros and cons and is worth understanding a bit better. Even though it sounds both outdated and boring, it can be put to good use. What is Bureaucratic Leadership?

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Bureaucratic Leadership Guide: Definition, Qualities, Pros & Cons, Examples

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Bureaucratic Leadership – What is it? Pros/Cons? Examples?

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It promotes higher levels of creativity.

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