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Kahraman, A. September 1, September ; 3 : —

In order to analyze the kinematics and statics load problems effectively, a new method to solve the kinematics and statics load parameters is proposed according to basic kinematics equations of planet gear transmissions, based on dividing the system into fundamental kinematics unit. The angular velocity and torque equations considering the efficiency for power flow planet gear trains are developed and expressed with matrix formulations. The tangent mesh force of gear pairs, the bearing force which is applied by the planet on the carrier and the system efficiency are solved simultaneously.

Epicyclic Gearing: A Handbook

Kahraman, A. September 1, September ; 3 : — A model to simulate the dynamic behavior of a single-stage planetary gear train with helical gears is developed. The three-dimensional dynamic model includes all six rigid body motions of the gears and the carrier. The generic nature of the formulation allows the analysis of a planetary gear set with any number of planets. Planets can be arbitrarily spaced equally or unequally around the sun gear.

The model is also capable of handling different planet meshing conditions which are functions of number of gear teeth and planet positions. The linear time-invariant equations of motion are solved to obtain the natural modes and the forced vibration response due to static transmission errors. The proposed model is employed to describe the effects of the planet mesh phasing conditions on the dynamic behavior of a four-planet system.

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Genetic Approach for Multiobjective Optimization of Epicyclical Gear Train

For design engineers who are just beginning their careers—and even old pros who could use a refresher course—the following article takes a basic approach to discussing epicyclic gearing. Recent articles in Gear Solutions have discussed epicyclic gearing, but often in the context of experienced engineers. As more and more of these engineers reach retirement age younger engineers must pick up where they left off, and for many epicyclic gearing is an area where they lack experience. Epicyclic gearing requires a step-by-step process to make it work, and some of the steps are not necessarily intuitive. As such, this article aims to provide assistance and guidelines for people designing epicyclic gear trains for the first time—and perhaps, if you will, ease their degree of suffering.

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Since it is impossible to rotate tires with the same rotation speed to run, it is necessary to lower the rotation speed utilizing the ratio of the number of gear teeth. Such a role is called deceleration; the ratio of the rotation speed of engine and that of tires is called the reduction ratio. This is because substances need a large force to start moving however they do not require such a large force to keep moving once they have started to move. Automobile can be cited as a good example.

An epicyclic gear train also known as a planetary gearset consists of two gears mounted so that the center of one gear revolves around the center of the other. A carrier connects the centers of the two gears and rotates to carry one gear, called the planet gear or planet pinion , around the other, called the sun gear or sun wheel. The planet and sun gears mesh so that their pitch circles roll without slip.

Kinematics and Statics Analysis for Power Flow Planet Gear Trains

The determination of optimal design of the planetary gear train with a lightweight, a short center distance, and a high efficiency is an important issue in the preliminary design of power transmission systems. Conventional and traditional methods have been widely used in optimization. They are deterministic and limited to solve some mechanical problems with several variables and constraints.

Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of Multiple-Stage Planetary Gear Train Used in Wind Driven Generator

A dynamic model of multiple-stage planetary gear train composed of a two-stage planetary gear train and a one-stage parallel axis gear is proposed to be used in wind driven generator to analyze the influence of revolution speed and mesh error on dynamic load sharing characteristic based on the lumped parameter theory. Dynamic equation of the model is solved using numerical method to analyze the uniform load distribution of the system. It is shown that the load sharing property of the system is significantly affected by mesh error and rotational speed; load sharing coefficient and change rate of internal and external meshing of the system are of obvious difference from each other. The study provides useful theoretical guideline for the design of the multiple-stage planetary gear train of wind driven generator.

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9. Compound Epicyclic Gear. Train (Sun and Planet. Wheel). Epicyclic Gear Train With. Bevel Gears. Torques in Epicyclic Gear. Trains. Introduction.

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