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I want to cut, copy and paste the pages in the PDF file so I can rearrange the page order very quickly instead of moving up and down. Do you have any suggestion on this and how to do this with ease? This small PDF page editor software lets you cut, copy and paste any page or a range of pages within the PDF file very easily and quickly.

Copy and Paste: Duplicate PDF Online

This article was co-authored by Luigi Oppido. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in general computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, and upgrades. He is also the host of the Computer Man Show!

The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 1,, times. If the PDF was created from a text document on a computer, you can use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program to copy the text; if the PDF was scanned into the computer from a physical document or it has copy protection, however, you'll need to use Google Drive to recognize and convert the text. You can also use an online converter to convert the PDF file directly into a Microsoft Word document if neither of the previous options work for you.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Open Acrobat Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader yet, you can download and install it for free.

Open a PDF file. Click File , click Open in the drop-down menu, select your PDF, and click Open in the bottom-right corner of the window. Click Edit. It's a menu item in the top-left side of the Acrobat Reader window Windows or in the top-left side of the screen Mac. A drop-down menu will appear. Click Select All.

This option is in the Edit drop-down menu. Clicking it selects all of the text on the page. Pictures will not be selected. If the whole document becomes highlighted in blue, the document cannot be copied and pasted as text. You'll need to use Google Drive instead. Click Edit again, then click Copy. This will copy the selected text. If your PDF is more than one page long, you'll have to go back and copy the other pages individually after pasting in this page's contents.

Open a new document. You can use a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit as well, but the PDF's formatting won't be preserved if you do this. Paste in the copied text.

You should see the text from the PDF appear in the document. If pressing the keys doesn't work, click the document's blank page and try again. You can also right-click the page and click Paste in the drop-down menu.

Method 2 of Use this method if the PDF contains text encoded as an image. If the PDF was scanned, it was likely created as an image file as opposed to a text file. Open Google Drive. This will open your Google Drive page if you're logged in. If you aren't logged into a Google account, enter your Google email address and password before proceeding. Click NEW. It's a blue button in the upper-left corner of the Drive page. Click File upload. This option is near the top of the drop-down menu. Clicking it prompts a new window to open.

Select your PDF file. Click the PDF file that you want to use. You may first have to click the PDF file's location on the left side of the window. Click Open. It's in the bottom-right side of the window. Select the uploaded PDF file. It's at the top of the page. Select Open with. A pop-out menu will pop out next to it. Click Google Docs. It's in the pop-out menu. This will prompt Drive to scan the PDF's text into a Google Doc, which can take a while depending on the amount of text in the file.

Check which text was converted. Google Drive's OCR software isn't perfect, and there may be some errors or parts of the text that couldn't be converted. You may encounter a lot of white space between sections, so keep scrolling to see everything that was converted. If you run into any errors, consider fixing them in Google Docs before copying the text. Select the text. Click Edit in the upper-left side of the page, then click Select all in the drop-down menu.

Copy the text. Method 3 of Open the PDF to Word website. This site skips the copying and pasting and just turns your PDF file into a Word document. It's a teal button in the middle of the page. Doing so will prompt the PDF file to upload to the conversion site. This yellow button will appear below the PDF's name once the upload and conversion completes.

This will prompt the PDF to download in Word format. You can open the Word document by double-clicking it, at which point you should be able to edit the PDF's copied text. Keep in mind that PDF files that were scanned into a computer will download as an image. You'll still need to use Google Drive for these files. Did you know you can read premium answers for this article? Unlock premium answers by supporting wikiHow. Luigi Oppido. Support wikiHow by unlocking this expert answer.

Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. If you're able to highlight text, but can't copy it, the PDF is likely secured. Once uploaded, right-click it, select "Open with," then click "Google Docs. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Not Helpful 4 Helpful 5.

You could try different types of format stripping, cut and paste, etc. Not Helpful 9 Helpful 5. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

How to Copy Images or Text From a PDF File

This article was co-authored by Luigi Oppido. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in general computer repair, data recovery, virus removal, and upgrades. He is also the host of the Computer Man Show! The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 1,, times.

While it is easy to cut, copy and paste text on a word document, with PDF files, you need to apply a few tweaks to be able to freely rearrange the text. Shown here are the best ways you can make use of the cut, copy and paste functions to move text around the PDF, as if it were a rich document editor. Note : these methods would not work if the PDF was scanned, or the copy-paste functions were disabled by the PDF creator. For those using Adobe Acrobat Reader , it lets you select and copy any block of text. Apart from blocks of text, Adobe Acrobat Reader also lets you add your signature on any page or specific lines.

How To Copy Text From a PDF File

Now, click OK. Click the tab with the page icon on the left top of the Sidebar. This opens the Page Manager. In the Page Manager, you can see small previews thumbnails of all pages within your document.

Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. I've also seen this occur in the past when I've print a Microsoft Office Word file to my printer. This sounds like a font issue.

If you want to copy text from a PDF file to add to a Word document, paste a formula onto an Excel spreadsheet, or insert into PowerPoint slides for a presentation, it can be as easy as using the Copy and Paste function. However, that may not necessarily work for all PDF files owing to security and other permissions, but there are other ways you can fulfill the same task. This may be indicated by a grayed out or dimmed copy feature in Reader. If the PDF you received is protected by a password , use the designated password combination to open it, and then check the security settings to confirm that content copying is allowed. This is the de-facto method of copying text from most documents or files, not just PDFs.

Copy text and images from PDFs

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