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SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and Answers

Production, information conversion, technical fields, communication, etc. In this SQL Server DBA Training Course, you will gain mastery over recovery models, backup solutions, server-level roles, server profiler, traces, extended events, etc.. These hands-on exercises will prepare you to work in real-time scenarios. There is a parcel of chances from many presumed organizations on the planet. Do you believe that you have the right stuff to be a section in the advancement of future SQL Server DBA, the GangBoard is here to control you to sustain your vocation. Various fortune organizations around the world are utilizing the innovation of SQL Server DBA to meet the necessities of their customers. This kind of databases should exist on SQL Servers only.

Top 50 SQL Server Interview Questions & Answers

In every interview you might ask the basic questions related to SQL Performace. Because SQL Performance improvement is very essential factor for any project. I want to cover the basic as well as advanced interview questions that might asked in Interview related to Performance improvement of data. The Performance of the SQL is related to lot of factors like which are different indexes used,What hardware is using,what is system hardware and all. In this article i will cover 20 most important SQL Optimization interview questions that might ask in interview.

Please read the Introductory Post before continue reading interview question and answers. List of all the Interview Questions and Answers Series blogs. Aggregate functions perform a calculation on a set of values and return a single value. And using that session ID, we can find out that the last query was executed. Read more here. An index scan means that SQL Server reads all the rows in a table, and then returns only those rows that satisfy the search criteria. When an index scan is performed, all the rows in the leaf level of the index are scanned.

Whether you are a developer creating web applications, a DBA or a tester involve in web testing, SQL skills are important both in database programming and database validation. SQL performance tuning is a tough task and key in handling the increasing load on a web application. So the interviewer would certainly dig you in and check how well do you know about the subject. Go through it as well to get fully prepared for your SQL interview. Query Optimization is the process of writing the query in a way so that it could execute quickly. It is a significant step for any standard application. Optimizing SQL queries can bring substantial positive impact on the performance.


Here, in this list of the top SQL Server interview questions, you will learn the most important interview questions to clear your SQL Server interview. SQL is one of the most common skills that recruiters look for not only in IT-related jobs but also in various other job profiles, including business, finance, insurance, and other domains. Following are some of these frequently asked SQL Server interview questions in the corporate world:.

SQL SERVER – Interview Questions and Answers – Frequently Asked Questions – Day 13 of 31

Good luck! The orignal version of this tip and other similar tips had the answers hidden, but this seemed to confuse a lot of people so we changed this to show the answers. View all my tips. Related Resources More Career Tips Recommended Reading.

What is SQL Profiler? Page Home. Top Ads. Life Style.

This is not matter if you are a fresher or Experienced DBA , these questions for all, From very simple to very complex. And Soon we come with answers as. What are the properties of the relational tables? What is Normalization? What is De-Normalization? What is Self Join? What is Cross Join?

Click here to get free chapters (PDF) in the mailbox Please read the Introductory Post List of all the Interview Questions and Answers Series blogs And using that session ID, we can find out that the last query was executed. for SQL and SQL , but has been raised to 10 GB for SQL R2.


Tables incur extra index maintenance overhead. Generally, OLTP database designs should keep the number of indexes to a functional minimum , again due to the high volumes of similar transactions combined with the cost of index maintenance. Unused indexes should be eliminated.

Download PDF 1. What are the two authentication modes in SQL Server? There are two authentication modes — Windows Mode Mixed Mode Modes can be changed by selecting the tools menu of SQL Server configuration properties and choose security page. This is mainly used to capture and save data about each event of a file or a table for analysis. What is recursive stored procedure?

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