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This graph is called the unit circle and has its center at the origin and has a radius of 1 unit. Trigonometric functions are defined so that their domains are sets of angles and their ranges are sets of real numbers. Circular functions are defined such that their domains are sets of numbers that correspond to the measures in radian units of the angles of analogous trigonometric functions. The ranges of these circular functions, like their analogous trigonometric functions, are sets of real numbers.


Try this with the Unit Circle. A complete repetition of the pattern of the function is called a cycle and the period is the horizontal length of one complete cycle. Because the trig functions are cyclical in nature, they are called periodic functions. Before we go into more detail of each of the trig functions, here are some tables that might help. The second table shows more details for each of the trig functions.

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Graphs of Trig Functions

Recently, Mathplane has been experiencing slow page loads. Sorry for the delays. We are working on the traffic and server issues. Thank you for your patience and persistence! The following are word problems that use periodic trigonometry functions to model behavior. Solutions are in the images below. It has a diameter of 26 feet, and rotates once every 32 seconds.

The circle below is drawn in a coordinate system where the circle's center is at the origin and has a radius of 1. This circle is known as a unit circle. The x and y coordinates for each point along the circle may be ascertained by reading off the values on the x and y axes. If you picture a right triangle with one side along the x -axis:. Since both the coordinates are defined by using a unit circle, they are often called circular functions.

Circular Functions Teacher Resources

The only difference is that we scale the horizontal axis in radians. Because we know the basic shapes of the sine and cosine graphs, to make an adequate graph it is usually sufficient to plot the guide points at the quadrantal angles, and then draw a smooth curve through the points. Try it for yourself.

There are two new vocabulary terms that may appear in application problems.

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