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Workbook, Unit 1 - Hueber

Use pictures, collected information about prices, places to visit, booklets, etc to support your presentation. Share and Collaborate this presentation with your group and finally share it with me through the following email address. You have to provide the following information:. Why you have chosen this place. A brief introduction and description of this place. Interesting places to visit.

Workbook, Unit 1 - Hueber

Youre in the wrong place! Use the words in brackets. Use present simple or present continuous. The bus wait This is the wrong road!

Monica bought a dress 2. A graphologist is a person 3. That s the girl 4. I like people 5. I prefer to wear clothes 6. June is the month a.

Present simple, past simple, present continuous and past continuous. Test before you teach. Do this exercise to find out how much students remember about.

Relative clauses exercises

Ian, please post an update covering the first 3 days along with suggestions for the next two days Thursday and Friday. First this group started this Monday 13th. The group consists of 14 students. The students vary from 25 to 59 years old. There are 7 women and 5 men.

To talk about things happening at the moment, use the present continuous. Jim is watching television at the moment. To talk about habits and routines use the present simple.

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We do not normally use the past continuous with stative verbs. I had to dinner last night, so i a question about the test. English practice downloadable pdf grammar and vocabulary worksheets. I was walking down the street when i saw the sale sign. Grammar 6 present continuous and present simple explanations present continuous to talk about things happening at the moment, use the present continuous jim is watching television at the moment present simple to talk about habits and routines use the present simple things we do often.

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