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There are several entities involved in the successful transportation of a shipment.. However big or small a shipment is, two entities stand out due to the importance of their roles in a shipment.. These entities are a Freight Forwarder and a Clearing Agent..

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Fret no more as you have now reached the concluding part of this five part blog series. Are you ready for the concluding part of this series? Read on for the clearing and forwarding procedure. Now that your cargo has arrived at the airport of destination, it has to undergo proper documentation before it can be released.

Clearing and Forwarding Terminology

There is a two-way Custom clearance procedure in every international export or import of goods. First of all, you have the origin Custom clearance procedure followed at the country of supply of goods. Similarly, there is the Import Customs clearance at the destination country. Thus, in this article I will give explicit information on Import Custom clearance procedure in Nigeria. The article will reveal all steps importers need to take so as to initiate and finish custom clearance process. Consequently, this article will help importers reduce Custom clearance costs in Nigeria.


Business Concept : Forwarding and Logistics concepts lies the basic architect of any business enterprise, today modern and scientific systems of business mainly rely on efficient Logistics and Supply Chain management, that is why we believe in our professional capabilities and trust of our valued customers. Key Success Factors : We believe in de-centralize management planning and the key factor of selection and motivation of personals and business associates working with, setting business targets and compelling not only give us the confidence but also making something new and innovative in the shape of developing new products and intelligent business decisions. With the objectives of making a pioneering and establish name in the propose Free Port city of Gwadar, we foresee a vision to establish a complete Logistics and Maritime company, having its own systems and resources which enable total supply chain solution and Integrated Logistics services. About market segmentation, Import Freight still has been competitive and most establish forwarders working on export consolidation and CY-CY sales, only few Import nomination, which lies only on endorsement factors, but we initially emphasis on Import Freight business with specialize in new products and CY-CY sales, both free hand and nominated cargo, also customers needs and characteristics keeping in mind. Job Task : 1. Agency making communications.

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Want to start or grow your import/export business? Learn how from industry experts. View our training schedule. Page 2. TRADE LOGISTICS / Clearing And.

Freight Forwarder and Clearing Agent

Starting a cleaning business? Clearing and Forwarding Instructions A Clearing agent arranges the customs clearance and pay over any taxes on behalf of the buyer. Available Logistics Services. Clearing and forwarding is a service-oriented business.

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    All going well, prior to actual vessel arrival date in Mombasa, the shipping line lodges its online manifest with customs into Simba Tradex system and the port authorities port KWATOS system.

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