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Sleep apnea is a growing health concern worldwide. It can occur when the upper airway becomes blocked repeatedly during sleep, reducing or completely stopping airflow. This is known as obstructive sleep apnea.

CPAP vs. BiPAP Differences: How to Know if You Need a BiPAP Machine

CPAP Therapy. Ultimately, we want to help those who suffer from sleep apnea be successful with PAP therapy. Read on! Formal definition: CPAP, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, delivers pressurized ambient air regular room air through a delivery system tubing and mask , thus eliminating apnea events during sleep. If you had a sleep study and a titration in a sleep center, this probably the type of PAP machine you will be recommended.

Posted by Jennifer Hines. Both machine types deliver pressurized air through a mask to the patient's airways. The air pressure keeps the throat muscles from collapsing and reducing obstructions by acting as a splint. CPAP machines have been the go-to treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. CPAP machines deliver a steady, continuous stream of pressurized air to patient's airways to prevent them from collapsing and causing apnea events.

Do you think you need a BiPAP machine? The continuous supply of pressurized air from the CPAP machine applies enough pressure to keep your airways open while you sleep. As a result, you can achieve the uninterrupted breathing needed for quality sleep. Who is it good for? Many people report that using an APAP machine improves their comfort level because of the automatic pressure adjustments.

Difference Between BiPAP and CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnea - Treatment

Sleep apnea is a group of sleep disorders that cause frequent pauses in breathing during your sleep. The most common type is obstructive sleep apnea OSA , which occurs as a result of throat muscle constriction. Central sleep apnea occurs from a brain signal issue that prevents proper breathing. Complex sleep apnea syndrome is less common, and it means that you have a combination of obstructive and central sleep apnea. These sleeping disorders are potentially life threatening if left untreated. If you have a sleep apnea diagnosis, your doctor may recommend breathing machines to help you get the crucial oxygen that you may be missing at night.

NCBI Bookshelf. Venessa L. Pinto ; Sandeep Sharma. Authors Venessa L. Pinto 1 ; Sandeep Sharma 2.

CPAP vs. BiPAP Differences: How to Know if You Need a BiPAP Machine

CPAP and BiPAP are the most popular sleep apnea treatments that offer the potential of a rapid solution to pauses in breathing during sleep also known as sleep apnea. If you have sleep apnea, it is likely that your physician has discussed one or both of these sleep apnea treatments. Many patients wonder if one is better than the other. It is the most popular sleep apnea treatment for obstructive sleep apnea OSA.

Sleep Disorders Sleep Medicine. If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea, your sleep physician has probably prescribed you with one of several types of PAP therapy for your sleeping disorder to help treat your symptoms. But which one works best for you? But what about bilevel positive airway pressure BiPAP?

The most common and effective therapy is continuous positive airway pressure CPAP. In addition, what is adaptive servo-ventilation ASV therapy? Discover more information about these therapy device types and which one might be right for you. This can be accomplished with continuous positive airway pressure CPAP. There are also portable travel CPAP devices available.

What is BiPAP Therapy? How Does It Work?

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Differences Between CPAP, BiPAP, and ASV Therapy for Sleep Apnea

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