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How to Control Cost of Food & Labor in a Restaurant Service

Topic 1 - Food Law and You. Topic 2 - ood Hygiene-Keeping Food Safe. Topic 3 - Personal Hygiene. Topic 4 - Cleaning. Chapter 4 - 7 Habits of a Warm Church. Chapter 7 - 3 Tips to Encourage Awesome Hospitality. Chapter 9 - Attitude is Everything.

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Controlling food and labor costs are two of the most important tasks for a restaurant owner. With proper menu planning, sales forecasting and employee training, a restaurant can prevent overspending on staff and supplies and still provide excellent quality dishes and service. Using a variety of planning, monitoring and evaluation techniques, you can continually manage these expenses to ensure you remain profitable without sacrificing quality. The first step in controlling foods costs is to determine what they are, per diner. You can do this by calculating the expense of each ingredient that goes into each dish, or divide the total number of diners you serve per month by your monthly food costs. Food costs include the cost of the food, delivery, interest on those purchases, spoilage, theft and make-good meals returned for lack of quality. Knowing the food costs of individual dishes lets you determine whether they belong on your menu.

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This is commonly done on some meat and seafood dishes because the wholesale price to buy the ingredients is constantly changing. A restaurant wants to keep their profit margins in a target range, even when the price of a dish fluctuates daily, leading to unpredictable pricing practices. This is an example that highlights the importance of knowing how to calculate food and beverage cost.

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